• STEP celebrates its 25th anniversary

  • STEP heads the Motton Pik’s ranking list of the TOP-50 Best Consulting Companies, where the company has invariably made the top three since 2013




  • In January, STEP Consulting joined the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), the largest international association of change practitioners

  • STEP launched its 800th project

  • Yevgeny Emelyanov started blogging at snob.ru on a regular basis 

  • Newly founded Business Rake Club invited Claustrophobia (a real-life escape-room company) and Ziferblat (an anti-café chain) for its first meeting


  • Evgeny Emelyanov and Svetlana Emelyanova joined Independent Directors Association (IDA)

  • STEP commemorated its 20th anniversary with a new book, ‘20 years – 2.0. – Х.О.’


  • The first issue of SQI Bulletin was released

  • STEP participated in the task group meeting that brought together various expert organizations engaged in monitoring of Moscow business environment



  • Business Life bulletin celebrates its first milestone birthday: 10 years since the first release

  • The company prepared its first GRI Sustainability Report

  • STEP’s Consultants School returned to business


  • The company launched its first large-scale assessment project covered over 500 people all over the country

  • STEP moved to a new office at 27, block 2, ul. Malaya Nikitskaya


  • STEP launched its 500th project

  • The company issued a new book, «Re: to Business Noblemen». It’s about our customers and for them

  • STEP’s active engagement facilitated the incorporation of ASCONCO, an association of consulting companies

  • The ‘Children of Business’ educational program was launched


  • In cooperation with Retail.ru, the company held its first master-class

  • Evgeny Emelyanov and Svetlana Emelyanova spoke at the FEACO conference on the specifics of the consulting business in Russia


  • SQI Management joined Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA)

  • STEP developed the on-line course ‘Finances for Non-Financiers’ at the request of Open University


  • STEP underwent its first re-branding and advertised the second logo

  • The company celebrated its tenth birthday and held a family party for employees and partners


  • The company held the first business meeting that eventually morphed to a separate business line. The participants included the owner and managers of L’Etoile, the owner of Snow Queen store chain, and others. The meeting was focused on setting up the distribution system


  • The company established an annual corporate tradition to invite children and grandchildren of its employees for the New Year celebration


  • STEP published the first issue of its bulletin ‘Business Life

  • STEP launched its 200th project


  • STEP undertook its first project on developing standards for employees of a major real estate company

  • Vedomosti newspaper published the first column about STEP

  • STEP moved to a new office at 3, block 4-5, Romanov Pereulok


  • STEP introduced SQI and became the first Russian company providing the Mystery Shopper service

  • STEP started the first large-scale project for assessing 40 top- and middle-rank managers



  • STEP launched the 100th project


  • The first School for organization development consultants: special advanced course No 3 at Moscow State University

  • First Feedback was received on our services to Moscow Cellular Communications (МСС) and GTS Cellular


  • STEP established its own office on Zemlyanoy Val Street

  • Services related to cross-culture interaction were in great demand

  • The Government of Moscow placed their first order with STEP to study the communication between SMEs and state/municipal authorities


  • February, 14 – the incorporation of STEP Consulting Center LLC

  • STEP’s first project with a focus on consulting for business owners: shareholders relations, founding shareholder agreement (ASKO Holding)

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