Congratulations to colleagues: the ELMA365 platform has won the "Users love us" award

The Global Tech Market G2 has released its new summer 2021 ranking. The low-code platform ELMA365 has joined the sector of High Performer customer satisfaction...

5 July 2021
Announcement of the 123rd issue of "Business Life"

Presenting the next issue of Business Life, where we tell the stories of real businesses past and present, examine the stories of their victories and defeats,...

30 June 2021
TRANSFORMATION TIMES. World tips. Issue #12

TRANSFORMATION TIMES. World tips. Issue #12 (31) of 28.06.2021

28 June 2021
Meeting of adjactors to work together on projects

On 17th June 2021, the consultants from STEP Consulting met with CLEVERICS.

22 June 2021
The summer meeting of the members of IMCN, the network of European consultancies, took place

On 16 June 2021, another meeting of members of IMCN - the network of European consulting companies was held.

21 June 2021
The 33rd meeting of the Business-Rakes Club was held

On 17th June 2021 the 33rd meeting of the Business-Rakes Club happened.

18 June 2021

TRANSFORMATION TIMES. Issue #11(30) of 11.06.2021

11 June 2021
The [it] Management Forum 2021 took place

The [ it] Management Forum 2021 has been held on June 2, 2021. The forum was dedicated to the management of services and processes of the digital enterprise....

7 June 2021
IMCN Annual Conference was held

The Annual Conference of IMCN, the professional association of European consulting companies, took place on May 28, 2021. STEP Consulting has been a member...

4 June 2021
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