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I have known Step Consulting and particularly Mr.Emelyanov and Mrs.Povarnitsyna when I began my career with foreign firms. I was employed by Artel Business and Telecommunications and Step trained a new team for Artel. They trained a great team of 30 persons and it became the best Customer Service Learn in Moscow at that time. Step worked with Artel not only at the beginning, but did a lot of consulting and additional training for the staff and management during Artel's operation later - how to manage the staff, how to deal with customers etc.

Now I work for Sovam Teleport as a Customer Support Manager and have close contacts with Step. Step trained our Customer Service team, who is forcing the pace in telco service innovation, with the advantage of being able to focus on a particular market or segment of market with new infrastructure, new supporting systems and carefully selected staff. They use professional, modern and very interesting methods for training. The most important thing for my employees after trainings: people are not trained HOW to work correct, they begin to UNDERSTAND, why they should work that way and why it is important for the company to have an excellent customer service team. I can say for sure - we have one of the best Customer Service teams in telecomunication business in Moscow. We know our goals and know how to achieve them, Step helps us in it.

I am ready to give recommendation in person.

My phone number is (495) 258-4170, Moscow,


Elena Elizarova,
Customer Support Manager

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